Sungho Spark

Technical Resume

Sr SRE / DevOps specialized in container orchestration, IaaC, and CI automation


Sr DevOps Engineer
Calm | 2020 - Present

Keeping Calm calm.

Sr Site Reliability Engineer
BlueOwl | 2019 - 2020

Implemented automated and modularized terraform 12 deployment pattern using terragrunt and github actions.
Helped various QA teams to automate and modernize the test automation suites.
Shared mindfulness and selfcare practices such as breathing exercises throughout the organization.

Sr Site Reliability Engineer
FlightGlobal | 2017 - 2019

Embedded SRE for Web and Mobile team responsible for
Kubernetes evangelist with practical production implementations.
Developed deployment pipeline written as Jenkinsfile featuring pull request analysis, automated tests, automated staging deployment, and blue green deployment for production environment for zero downtime deployment.
Transformed manually managed AWS environment into automated infrastructure with terraform and serverless.

Sr DevOps Engineer
Nike | 2016 –2017

Evaluated new tools and provide automation to help other team’s adaption.
Developed CI/CD pipeline automation for AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and ECS with Python.
Automated Docker Swarm cluster creation and CI/CD for containers with Salt Stack.
Integrated Hubot with Slack to enable Chat Ops.

DevOps / CloudOps Engineer
BloomHealth | 2014 - 2016

Maintained and improved existing AWS infrastructure provisioned with Chef and Rightscale.
Designed and implemented more automated and event driven infrastructure from scratch with CloudFormation, SaltStack, and Docker. From VPC to Route 53 entries everything was automated.
Researched and implemented new tools such as OpenVPN, Elasticsearch, and AWS RDS with security requirements and restrictions under HIPAA compliance.

Ruby DevOps Engineer
BestBuy | 2014

Managed BestBuy’s software development lifecycle(SDLC) tools including OpenStack infrastructure, Atlassian stacks, Artifactory, Jenkins, and more.
Used Opscode Chef for configuration management, Jenkins for continuous integration, OpenStack for testing/development environment, and AWS for production environment.
Consulted various teams in BestBuy to enable agile methodology for specific team needs.

Automation Engineer
Lender Processing Services | 2012 - 2014

Managed security vulnerabilities of 2500 servers in Windows Server environment


Bachelor of Engineering – Computer Engineering
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities | 2007 - 2011

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